Kids Garden Club


2019 Clintonville Farmers' Market Kids Garden Club

Registration now open! The goal of the Clintonville Farmers’ Market Kids Garden Club (KGC) is to teach neighborhood children ages 6-12 how to grow vegetables while cultivating their appreciation for the work of farmers. Participants will receive 3.5 months of garden education and will help to plant and maintain their own garden bed.

The Kids Garden Club meets at Over the Fence Urban Farm every Wednesday evening. Over the Fence Urban Farm is a chemical-free operation. 

The Kids Garden Club will sell their produce at the farmers' market on July 13 and August 10.

Space is limited, so sign up today! Click here to access online registration form.

Thoughts on the KGC experience from member Pninah, age 8:

Q: What did the program mean to you and what did you like best?
A: “It was a good experience for practicing my gardening skills and it was nice to get to know other people. I was really excited for the end of the year party because we collected food to sell to people at the farmers' market and it was fun trying to get people to buy our stuff. I especially liked cutting flowers. I think kids would enjoy joining. P.S. You can get T-SHIRTS!!”

Click here to read all about last summer's club experience on Jodi's blog.

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