1st Chef-at-Market Series Event

Watch chefs Allison and Carly from The Table prepare a Late Spring Vegetable Tart with Seasonal Pesto. Owned by Sangeeta Lakhani and Jennifer Marlatt, The Table is a farm to table restaurant inspired by world flavors. They work closely with farmers and urban gardeners to bring diners the freshest produce. They take pride in crafting baked goods & charcuterie in house. 

Chef Bio's

Chef Carly Sifritt: I was raised in a rural Amish township surrounded by bean and cornfields. Living smack dab in the middle of a farming county, my eyes were opened to agriculture at a very young age. My family of 5 had 10 acres which we used to grow the majority of our own produce and livestock that was seen on the dinner table every night.

The concept of eating farm to table had always been my reality and has developed my current passion for working with local farmers and cooking with the freshest ingredients available, year round. I feel very fortunate to currently live in a city and work in a restaurant that follows the same ideals and goals I was surrounded by growing up.

I'm working on 11 years of cooking my way around Columbus and working towards expanding my passion into a small, self sustainable farm/bed and breakfast where I can impart the farm to table lifestyle for myself and future patrons.

Chef Allison Bradley: My passion for sustainable agriculture, seasonal produce and responsibly raised livestock began in childhood while growing up in a farming community in northern Ohio.  I was privileged to know where and how my food was produced.  The desire to share that knowledge with as many individuals as possible is the driving force behind my work as a chef.
I am in my 13th year of baking and cooking in independent restaurants around Columbus.  I am honored to be able to continue my education in the arts of cooking and farming in this great city.  I am working towards opening an urban farm with a focus on community outreach and food education.
Recipe: The Table's Seasonal Pesto
Greens (Whatever is in season! Leaves only): 8 Cups
Nuts  (Cashews, almonds, pecans....chef's choice!): 2/3 Cup
Garlic cloves: 4 
Parmesan (Grated): 1 Cup
Olive Oil: 1 Cup
Salt: 2 Tsp

In a food processor or blender, combine garlic, nuts, parmesan, salt and half the olive oil. Once well combined, add green and drizzle in remaining olive oil. Blend until smooth. Taste and adjust salt if needed.
May 20, 2017 at 9:30am - 11:30am
Clintonville Farmers' Market

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