Why are you at the Ohio History Center again?


The Board of Directors had to make a decision on the market's location in late 2020 so we could move forward with producer applications, budgeting and planning for the season ahead. Knowing that the market would struggle to manage current social distancing recommendations and maintain its large roster of vendors along High Street, we reluctantly decided to wait one more season.

Everyone recognizes how much we want the market to return to its walkable location in the neighborhood and sense of normalcy. We’ll get there! But for now, we hope you'll make the short drive to continue to support our fantastic local producers and enjoy the benefits that come with this larger space, including:

  • Abundant free parking within steps of the market! 
  • New producers! 
  • Extended product offerings!
  • Potential for more people to enjoy the fresh, local foods available at the market!

What new precautions and procedures has the market implemented during the COVID-19 crisis?


Please review our updated 2021 COVID-19 FAQ fact sheet here.

Do you accept Ohio Direction Cards (EBT)?


Yes, we can swipe your EBT/P-EBT (Ohio Direction Card), debit, or credit card at the market information tent on W Dunedin Rd in exchange for tokens that can be spent at producer stalls. We also participate in the Produce Perks program, which provides SNAP customers with a $1-for-$1 match up to $25 to be spent on fruit and vegetables each market.

Are all the market's producers based in Ohio?


Yes. And all of the food and plants they bring must be produced in Ohio. We believe in "local!"

Does this mean we won't see any Georgia peaches or any asparagus in August?


Yes! What's brought to market is what's growing in season in Ohio. Some farmers do extend seasons by using greenhouses, high tunnels, and hoop houses.

Do farmers at the market buy at auction or wholesale and resell at the farmers' market?


Absolutely not. We are producer-only, which means that everything sold at each stall is produced by the grower or cottage food operation at that stall.

Are all of your farmers organic?


Some are certified organic, others use organic methods but are not certified. Be sure to ask them how they grow their food.

Since 2015, Clintonville Farmers' Market has provided financial and procedural support to growers who wish to pursue organic certification. Click here to read more about what it means to be organic.

Who can have a stall at the Clintonville Farmers' Market?


Producers or growers of food and plants and cottage food operations. In certain circumstances we also have small-scale producers who produce in small quantities in a commercial kitchen or producers with an RFE for a special purpose or producers working in a special area of sustainable local agriculture.

What does that mean? What are the market's guidelines for participation?


If you are interested in joining the market as a producer, please visit our producer information page here

What is a cottage food operation?


Click here to see the definitions and requirements of Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Do you have craft producers?


Because our market space is limited, we do not have craft stalls. Sometimes, a craft is permitted if the producer has made it from items grown on his/her farm; check the guidelines here.

Do you have space for non-farmers/non-cottage food groups like local businesses, non-profits, or others?


Because our market space is limited, we assign it to growers, cottage food operations, and special pre-approved producers only.

Who owns the space where the market is set up?

The Ohio History Connection parking lot is owned by the city. The pays a weekly fee to rent the lot from the Ohio History Connection. 

May I come to the market and distribute flyers or coupons for my business or organization or request signatures for a petition?


The market is committed to supporting local producers and promoting local food. Accordingly, market space is reserved for farmers and customers only.

May I bring my dog to the market?


While we love our furry companions, please recognize that the market can get very hot and crowded, and is not always a healthy situation for pets. If you do bring your pet to market, you will be asked to adhere to the following rules:


  1. Owners are responsible and liable for their pets while at market. Dogs must be under control on a short, non-retractable leash and by the adult owner’s side at all times. 
  2. Pets must be kept out of producer stalls and away from all market products, including produce, product displays, and plants. Items damaged by pets must be purchased at full cost by the owner.
  3. Dogs must be socialized with other dogs, children, and large crowds. Aggressive dogs are not welcome at market. Barking and growling are grounds for dismissal.
  4. Pet owners should be considerate of market vendors and other guests, and MUST clean up after their pets.


For the health and safety of everyone at market, management will ask that owners remove pets from the marketplace if any of the above rules are violated.

Can I play music at your market?


The market has a limited number of spots for musicians within our boundaries, which are reserved in advance. If you'd like to be considered, please fill out an application here. We require that any music you play be your own original music or music within the public domain (before 1922). 

Why are producers not allowed to sell before the market opens at 9:00 am?

  1. Fairness to customers. Our posted, advertised hours of business are 9 am to noon. If customers come at 11:00 and consistently find producers sold out because they’ve sold early, it's not fair to customers.
  2. Fairness to producers. Not all of our producers arrive and unload at the same time. If some are selling while some are still arriving and setting up, or trying to abide by rules, it's not an even playing field.
  3. Safety. All unloading producer vehicles are not moved away until nearly 9:00 a.m. To allow customers to come earlier and earlier is a safety issue. Pedestrians and moving, large vehicles aren't a good mix.

What is the market's mailing address?


PO Box 141318

Columbus, OH 43214

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