You can get involved and help the Clintonville Farmers' Market in many different ways. 

Donate today! As a 501(c)3, your contributions are tax deductible and help ensure the future of the market, support our continued work to connect you with Ohio farmers and food producers, and fund our education and outreach programs. (Read more about our programs here.)  

Register your Kroger Rewards card. Kroger Community Rewards is an easy way to support our mission!

Kroger’s Community Rewards is one of many community commitments Kroger makes towards improving lives in our Central Ohio community. By donating a percentage of sales to charities their customers choose, they make it easy for you to support the Clintonville Farmers' Market. 

Have you updated your Kroger Community Rewards this year?

It’s so easy! (Click here to print instructions)
1. Go to and either sign in or register.
2. Have your Kroger Plus Card handy to enter your special rewards number on the back of the card.
3. Select “Review your Rewards Detail” or go to Account Settings to enroll your Community Rewards choice.
4. Under Community Rewards, select “Clintonville Farmers' Market” or enter our NPO number: VJ671.

Shop as always and the market will get a check every quarter! There’s just one catch! You must re-enroll Clintonville Farmers' Market as your choice in April of each year.

Have you updated your Kroger Community Rewards charity designee this year?

Vote with your dollars.

By shopping at the Clintonville Farmers' Market, you're supporting small family farmers and producers, building a strong local food system, and boosting the local economy.


Tell your friends!

When your friends and family ask about the wonderful dish you brought to the potluck, be sure to extol the virtues of fresh, local food and tell them where it came from.


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